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Hundreds of Wasp Nests Removed

Wasps Multiply Quickly and Soon, You May Have a Nest with Thousands of Wasps

Wasps will protect their nest by stinging any person or animal that is nearby

Wasp nest on utility box on side of building

This bald-faced hornet nest was removed by Nest Pest Control. They are mean and nasty bugs, so call if you spot a nest.

Get Professional Wasp Nest Removal

  • Pets and children can be stung by these insects.
  • Siding, fascia, and other parts of your home could be damaged by wasp nests.
  • Wasps like to eat our food and can be a bother when eating outside. Wasps will even hang out by your trash cans.
  • Yellow jackets, bees, and hornets might also be bothering to you.

Nest Pest Control Will Remove Wasp Nests Safely

Wasps like to be near their food. Wasps eat pollen, nectar and some bugs like caterpillars, beatles, and spiders. Wasps are also attracted to our food.

Wasps can make their homes in some pretty bad areas, like around our trash cans, on our patios, or even in attic or crawl spaces.

Let Nest Pest Control help you safely remove these problem insects from your home. We will also spray to help keep them from coming back, so you can breathe easy knowing that you are safe from stings.

Wasp Nest Removal is Easy with Nest Pest Control

James by pest control truck

James answers the calls and sometimes will be the tech assigned to your home, too!

We Will Work with You to Set Up an Appointment

Call us, now! You will see how easy we are to work with. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the process, pricing, or other options. We will set an appointment to inspect your situation and bring what we need to get the job done right then.

We are the Experts in Wasp Nest Removal

We have been doing pest control for decades. We have removed hundreds of wasp nests. Our exterminators train to know how to safely remove stinging insect nests and hives and treat the area so that they don’t return. You can relax knowing that the experts of pest control are on the job.

Wasp vs Bee

The differences between a wasp and bee can sometimes be small, but distinct.


This hornet will kill honeybees to take over their hive and eat the honey.

Stay Safe from Stings

Dealing with wasps on your own is a hazard to your self. Wasps are very territorial. On the first spray from a DIY treatment, the wasps will start swarming. If your nest is large, this could mean lots of stings.

Stay safe using a professional. We have all the proper equipment to safely remove hives and nests. We also spray a wasp deterrent, so wasps stay away. Keeping you and your family safe.

Read What Our Customers Are Saying About Nest Pest Control:

These are some testimonials from our great customers. They know why Nest Pest Control is great at all types of pest services including wasp nest removal.

General Pest Control
January 9, 2023

This is an amazing company with professional and friendly staff. Their services are great and they get the job done well.

General Pest Control
January 9, 2023

Nest came out today to treat outside – spiders, ants, etc. They came out the same day I called. Service was great! Highly recommend!

Bee Hive Removal
January 9, 2023

Nest Services come out and did a great job getting ride of my bees. They where on time and quick! Will use them again. Thanks

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    We Also Remove Wasp Nests That Are Up High

    One client of ours lived in a four story home. Some wasps decided to build a nest in the eaves of their roof, on the highest point of their house. They couldn’t reach it, but they needed it removed because wasps were getting into their house and into their sons room. They called us hoping that we could help them.

    We have all the tools available to access even the toughest of wasp and bee nests. Ladders, cherry pickers, and other tools make it so we can safely and effectively remove the hives. Nest Pest Control has everything we need to help you feel comfortable in your home again.

    Wasps use a strong glue like substance to hang their nests from trees and buildings. We needed to scrape and wash off the glue to ensure the wasps wouldn’t be attracted to the house again. Luckly, this only caused some minor damage to the paint on the home. Sometimes these nests can tear off pieces of siding or even worse, can be built inside the walls of the home. The homeowner was able to spot paint the small bit where the nest was and everything was as good as new again.

    Before leaving, we sprayed a deterrent to keep other wasps from building there again. The customer had no other problems with wasps in that area and was very satisfied that we were able to keep their family safe from any stings.

    Wasp nest on eaves of house

    This wasp nest was high on the gable of this house, about 23 feet off the ground.

    Removal of wasp nest from home

    This is after we removed the nest, but before the final cleaning. 

    Teen's face swollen by wasp sting

    Getting stung in the face is no joke! Protect your family from terrible wasp stings by getting that wasp nest removed.

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    Nest Pest Control is the Best in Wasp Nest Removal

    We train our experts on how to properly remove hives and nests.

    We have decades of experience with stinging insects.

    We know how to get your home pest free, including keeping wasps away.

    We have excellent service and fair prices.

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      Did You Know…

      In Italian, vespa means “wasp”. The first Vespa was made with spare aircraft parts. Because the handlebars made it look wasp like, and because of the unique sound gave, the Vespa’s name was born.
      Wasp nest on utility box on side of building

      Bald-faced hornet nest. Yep, we remove these types of nests, too! Just call Nest Pest Control to get rid of stinging insect nests on your property.


      Here are some answers to some questions you may have about wasp nest removal, our techniques, or our company.

      Do wasps live in the nest all year?
      No. The queen leaves the nest before winter and hibernates until spring. The rest of the colony dies from the cold winter conditions. The next year, the queen starts building a new nest, and raises a whole new colony.

      Removing a wasp nest is a good idea when the wasps build in, or on, a building. Otherwise, if a wasp nest can remain in the area, you could leave it. Sometimes, however, the queen will return and build a new nest in the same area as before. Although, some debate saying that leaving a nest will deter other wasps from building in the area again because they are so territorial.

      Whatever makes you more comfortable, we can help you. We can remove the nest or just spray it to kill the living wasps. We also spray the entire area to keep wasps from returning and using that spot again.

      How soon can you get the nest removed?
      Depending on our schedule, and yours, we could come as soon as today.
      Who do I talk to when I call?
      One of our helpful dispatchers will answer your call. Please ask as many questions as you need to make sure you understand how we operate and what to expect. Our expert exterminators also are happy to answer any inquiries you have about the pests and the treatment plan. We want you to feel taken care of and comfortable knowing you are working with the best.
      What if the treatment doesn't work?
      We guarantee our work. If the wasps rebuild or aren’t all killed off, we will return to treat again. Treatments should work for the remainder of the season. After that, we can set up treatment plans that can keep wasps and other pests away from your home every season.

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        What pest are you dealing with?

        What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)