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Rodents are Messy and Can Destroy Your Home

Traditional traps and baits don’t always keep them away

Close up of common field mouse

Mice have bigger ears and eyes in proportion to rats.

Our Experts Can Help You with Your Rodent Concerns:

  • Worried about rodents chewing through wires and causing damage to your home.
  • Afraid rodents are contaminating your food.
  • Concerned about rodents and the diseases they carry could make you and your family sick.
  • Annoyed from the scratching and squeaking that is keeping you up at night.

Get the Solution to Your Rodent Problem with Nest Pest Control

A rodent has big front teeth that continues to grow and grow. They have to chew often on items to keep their teeth from getting too long. Unfortunately, that can cause some major damage to our homes.

Our experts at Nest Pest Control will come and inspect your home. During the inspection they will not only see what kind of rodent is causing issues but will be able to evaluate the extent of the problem. Then they will get to work.

Different rodents require different treatments. We will make sure to use the most effective treatment for your home. We will then schedule another appointment with you to make sure all the rodents have left or are removed. We will also help you fix damages to your home and plug up holes so that those critters stay away.

Nest Pest Control is Easy and Effective

James, owner of Nest Pest Control, with a client

James, on the right, with a client.

Nest Pest Control is Stress Free

We take care of all your worries so that you can breathe easy again. We aren’t going to leave you to handle the rodent mess and repairs on your own. We are here to help, and make sure you feel comfortable in your home again.

We Have Over 20 Years of Experience with Rodent Control

Nest Pest Control has been doing this for decades. We know how to handle all kinds of pests and rodents. We know what to look for and effectively treat for it. Our experts will get your home rodent free; we guarantee it.

Close up of rat

Rats can be mean and will eat most anything.

Protect your home

Protect your home with Nest Pest Control.

Become Rodent Free, Today

We know that living with rodents is uncomfortable, and downright unbearable. That is why we get you an appointment as soon as possible. Sometimes even the same day.

We will work with you to find a day and time that works for you. We will get to work getting your home back to normal, so you can breathe easy again.

Read What Our Customers Are Saying About Nest Pest Control:

These are some testimonials from our great customers. They know why Nest Pest Control is great at all types of pest services including rodent control.

Rodent Control
January 9, 2023

2016 Thank you do much for the great job that you did getting rid of my infestation of roaches. I appreciated the explanation of what you were doing and why and the treatment process.

2017 Another thanks to you for another great job in getting rid of my rodent problem you always do a great job I will always contact Nest Services for their services. RC

General Pest Control
January 9, 2023

James came on time, was professional, friendly, and knowledgable. He took care of our issue in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Nest Services.

Rodent Control
January 9, 2023

Nest Pest Control came out to treat for mice. We had a bad problem with them, we had to take out all of our food and start all over. Nest Pest Control found where the mice was nesting and they remove the nest. They close all entry point and close them. We have not seen another mice or droppings. We are glade that we call Nest Services!!


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    What pest are you dealing with?

    What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)

    Farms, Warehouses, Commercial Property, We do it All

    Residential areas aren’t the only places with rodent problems. If you are experiencing rodents in your barn, or even in your office, let us give you some relief.

    This barn had a rat infestation that was bothering their horses and eating the horse feed. Even Though the owners had laid out traps and bait, the rats had taken over.

    We came out and found that the rats had burrowed under the barn and was entering in through the floor. After laying baits and traps directly in the rats paths, we were able to get all of the rats to evacuate the building completely. But we didn’t stop there.

    Because the rats had burrowed under the barn, we needed to ensure that they weren’t going to come back. We dug a trench around the perimeter of the barn and added a fine mesh that the rats couldn’t dig through. We then filled up the trenches and left the barn better than we found it and rat free.

    Mice & Rat Exterminator in Washington DC | Nest Pest Control

    The stables in Rosaryville, MD. We started by identifying all the entry points.

    rodent control hole before sealing up

    This is farther down the same wall. We found 14 entry points and several more that were begun.

    Wire mesh lining for barn with rodent problems

    We started by identifying all the entry and exits. Then exterminated all the current rat residents. After that, we dug a trench around the perimeter of the building and laid mesh into it. This is us measuring the mesh before mixing with concrete and final placement.

    After the concrete was laid, we buried it with earth, sod and rocks as shown below.

    Repair filled with soil and sod
    Repair done to barn with mice problem

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    We want to take care of your home ASAP, but our schedule fills up fast. Call now so we can take care of your roach problem right away.

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    Why You Should Choose Nest Pest Control:

    We train our experts to be just that, experts.
    We have been doing rodent control for decades. We know what to look for and what to do to keep it away.
    We guarantee that we will get your home rodent free, and it will stay that way for 3 months, or we will return at no cost to you.

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      What pest are you dealing with?

      What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)

      Did You Know…
      The beaver is the largest rodent in North America. This semi-aquatic animal is so good at changing the ecosystem with its dam building, it has received the nickname of ecosystem engineer.
      Carbon monoxide machine that drives rats out of their nests
      Picture of rat
      James spraying behind bushes for pest control


      Here are some answers to some questions you may have about rodent control, our techniques, or our company.

      How Does It Work?
      In just three steps:

      Our experts will evaluate the situation and tell you how much treatment will cost.

      After you schedule a time for Nest Pest Control to come by, we’ll come and do the job.

      We then follow-up a few days later to make sure we got all of the rodents, and then you can live pest free ever after

      How Soon Can You Help?
      Depending on our schedule and yours, as soon as today. Often, we will set an appointment within 2 days.
      How Do You Exterminate Mice?
      Mice are habitual creatures. They may wander all over your home, but they only have a few entries into your home and they usually use the same travel paths. We can determine where the mice are getting in, and their travel paths. We use this information to lay bait where they will get it. The bait dehydrates them, and they usually leave the building in search of water. This bait will also kill them, so we schedule a return to clean up. During that clean up, we will also patch up their entry ways, so the mice stay out.

      If there is further evidence of more mice, we do it again till they are certainly gone at no extra cost to you.

      What's The Cost?
      When we are called on a job, we do an inspection first to see what kind of pest or rodent we are dealing with, how many rodents, and what kind of damage they have caused. After the inspection, we will give you a reasonable price for the job. We always make sure you understand what we need to do before we proceed, so you know what to expect, no surprises.

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        What pest are you dealing with?

        What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)