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Mice are all cute and cuddly, until they eat your food, leave mouse droppings all over the house, bring disease into the house and generally become a nuisance. Rats are the same, only bigger and meaner!

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Rodent Service F.A.Q.

Frequent Questions


How Does It Work?

In just three steps:

James will tell you what’s up and how much it costs.

After you schedule a time for Nest Pest Control to kill your rodents we’ll come and do the job.

We then follow-up a few days later to make sure we got all of them, and then you can live pest free ever after!


How Soon Can You Help?

Depending on our schedule and yours, as soon as today. Usually, (99%) we are able to set something up within 48 hours, though.


How Do You Exterminate Mice?

You’ll see mice and rats all over your home, but they get inside at only a few places. We find the holes that let them in, seal them up and then go on the hunt. Using poison is easiest. We lay it and any traps we need to in likely places for mice and rats to travel and then come back a few days later to remove the dead ones.

If there is further evidence of more mice, we do it again till they are certainly gone.



What's The Cost?

This all depends on the severety of your rodent problem, but usually around $300 for 2 treatments. However, I’ve done them for both lower and higher, so don’t count on that price, call to be sure.


I could not be more pleased with Nest Services! James, the owner, came out to my home to treat the overwhelming pest (rat) issue at hand. James is superb at what he does and he puts the customer first! He was readily available to answer my questions and concerns after his initial treatments. He was able to treat the issue and eradicate he pest issue quickly and impressively! I HIGHLY recommend using Nest Services!

Hannah Topus

Baltimore, MD

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