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Insects Have Invaded Your Home

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Wolf spider

Spiders aren’t insects, but we control these bugs, too. This is a wolf spider.

Get Professional Insect Control Service Because:

  • Insects can eat your plants and get into your food.
  • Diseases and illnesses can be spread by insects.
  • Insects are bothersome and can make your home feel dirty.
  • Insects can cause damage to your property.
  • Bites and stings from insects can really irritate or harm you, your family, or your pets.

Nest Pest Control Knows How to Help You with Your Insect Problems

We have been exterminating insects for years. Every year, we train and investigate new techniques to stay up to date on the best treatments available. We make sure to know what the latest issues are in the area, so that we will stay prepared for anything.

Insects can do a lot of good. They pollinate our plants and break down our waste. The problem is when they get into our homes and disrupt our lives.

Insects can really be a bother by crawling around and making homes in our personal spaces. Their nests and general activity can cause damage and they can be a health hazard. Our homes attract insects because we can provide them food, and a comfortable space, so they don’t have to travel too far to get those luxuries.

When insects and pests invade your space, Nest Pest Control is there to make your space peaceful again. Breathe easy knowing that the best in pest control is on the job.

It’s Quick and Easy to Get Insect Control with Nest Pest Control

James, owner of Nest Pest Control, with a client

James, the owner of Nest Pest Control poses with a customer in this photo.

Call and See Just How Easy It Is

Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Ask them any questions you may have about what types of pests are bothering you, what types of treatments can be used, and how soon we can get there. Making appointments is easy. We will work with you to get the soonest appointment that works for you.

We Inspect Before We Begin

We know that you are experiencing an insect problem. You may even be able to tell us what insect it is, and where you see them. However, our exterminators are experts at finding other potential pest problems during an inspection that you may not know about. Insects have patterns like traveling trails, entry ways, and food sources that are helpful to know about when we lay traps and bait This makes it possible for us to give you the best treatment possible. We will also help you seal up entrances, and we will spray all around, to keep the insects away for good.

James by pest control truck

James in front of a white truck for Nest Pest Control services near Laurel, MD.

Protect your home

Protect your home with Nest Pest Control.

We Are Here for You

We are local. We know what you are experiencing, because we live here too. Nest Pest Control is licensed and insured to keep you safe. We also guarantee our work will be effective. Sometimes it may take more than one treatment to really get all the insects out. We guarantee that if the treatment doesn’t work the first time, we will return and retreat at no additional cost to you. We want you to rest easy knowing that we got your back.

Read What Our Customers Are Saying About Nest Pest Control:

These are some testimonials from our great customers. They know why Nest Pest Control is great at all types of insect and pest services.

Cockroach Pest Control
January 9, 2023

Nest Pest Control did a great job getting rid of our roaches. They where on time And professional we were always use them if we have an issue highly recommend!

General Pest Control
January 9, 2023

Called several places and was told they couldn't come for a few days.Called Nest Services and said, someone will be there in about an hour.Nest technician James was great.Explained every step of the process to eliminate the issue.Was extremely happy with the service and price.Highly recommend Nest Services.

General Pest Control
January 9, 2023

Nest came out today to treat outside – spiders, ants, etc. They came out the same day I called. Service was great! Highly recommend!

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    What pest are you dealing with?

    What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)

    Insect and Pest Control for Your Business, Too

    We understand that insects and other critters don’t just bother residential areas. They get into stores, restaurants, workplaces, apartments, warehouses and so on. When bugs or rodents are seen at these places, it can harm the business. That is why Nest Pest Control will act fast to get your business back and running.

    We have many solutions for your commercial properties. Check out our Commercial Pest Control page for more information. Or call now and we can start creating a plan that fits your time and your budget. Nest Pest Control is in the business to get you back to business.

    Box Elder bug on leaf

    We control lots of types of insects, like this box elder bug. They are completely harmless, but I’ve seen trees get decimated because of these little red-eyed insects.

    Millipede found near Laurel home

    Centipedes and millipedes like the one pictured aren’t strictly insects, but we have pest control solutions for these bugs, too.

    Velvet ant

    Velvet ants are ground-dwelling wasps that can sting and cause a lot of pain. Luckily, they are generally solitary. But if you happen to have a few at your home DO NOT TOUCH THEM! Their stings are one of the most painful. Ever. Just call us. 

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    Nest Pest Control is the Best for Insect Control

    We are local and know how to treat for Maryland insects, rodents, and wildlife.
    We train all of our employees to be experts in pest control.

    Our treatments are a great value for the service.

    To protect you, your family, and your business, we are insured and licensed.

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      What pest are you dealing with?

      What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)

      Did You Know…
      Most insects lay eggs and then go through the stages of development, larva to adult. However, there are a few species of cockroach that don’t lay eggs. Some species of cockroach are ovoviviparous, which means they give birth to live young after growing the ootheca (egg) inside them. Some roaches are viviparous, which means they grow baby roaches inside them like a mammal, and also produce crystalized milk to feed them after birth.
      Black cricket near Laurel, MD

      Crickets will eat your carpets, and maybe keep you awake at night if they are in your house. They’ll eat a lot of your plants, too. So if you have an infestation of these insects, call us to help.


      Here are some answers to some questions you may have about insect control, our techniques, or our company.

      What types of insects do you not kill?
      We can treat your home for any kind of insect, even invasive species. However, there is one type of insect we do try to rehome; the honey bee.

      Bees are great pollinators. Unfortunately, because of the high use of insecticides in the nation, they are being killed off. We need to try to keep them around so we can produce the crops we need to eat. At Nest Pest Control, we try to rehome them instead. This way, they can continue to do good.

      How soon do the treatments work?
      Treatments take some time, but you should start seeing some results within a week. Sometimes, insects can be resistant to treatment. Especially those who have a large colony. We like to make a follow up appointment to lay down treatment a second time within two weeks, just to make sure the treatment is working.

      If you are looking to keep insects out before they are a problem, or to keep them out after an infestation, ask us about our on-going treatment plans. They are affordable and work all year long!

      What other types of pests do you treat for?
      We are a full-service pest control company. This means that we can treat for any pest that is bothering you. Termites, centipedes, roaches, spiders, wildlife, and mice are all just a small sample of types of pests we treat. If you have any questions about types of pests you are dealing with, give us a call. We can help you.
      What should I expect from this process?
      First, give us a call so we can book an appointment that works for you. Next, we will visit your home or business, do an inspection of the problem, and lay down treatment that same day. Sometimes, we may need to set up separate treatment days if there are multiple problems, just to keep things easier. Then, we will make a follow up appointment to check on the insect issues, a couple of weeks later. Finally, you shouldn’t see any problems from those insects, and you can breathe easy again.

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        What pest are you dealing with?

        What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)