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These are a bunch of bed bugs in a mattress. We’ve already wrapped it in a plastic bag and have inserted a chemical which these critters really don’t like.

Shortly after this pic was taken, we will start blowing in hot air that will kill these bugs (the chemical kills any eggs they have and the larvae that result so you don’t get a recurrence.

After the heat, we suck all the air out, then, if any are still moving, roast them again. Finally, we remove the plastic, vacuum up all the bed bugs and remove them from the home. We do this one piece of furniture at a time until the infestation is destroyed from the house.


Bed Bugs Service F.A.Q.

Frequent Questions


How Does It Work?

In just three steps:

James will tell you what’s up and how much it costs.

After you schedule a time for Nest Pest Control to kill your bed bugs, we’ll come and do the job.

We then follow-up a few days later to make sure we got everything (sometimes the eggs get through) and then you can live pest free ever after!


How Soon Can You Help?

Depending on our schedule and yours, as soon as today.


Can I Kill Bed Bugs With Bug Spray?

You might get a few, but these creatures are sometimes difficult to see and they move pretty fast, too. Not only that, they are resilient to store-bought pesticides.

Instead, let Nest Pest Control treat for bed bugs in the best way possible: capture, suffocate and roast. The picture above is us doing that.


What's The Cost?

This will depend on how many living spaces need to be treated. Bed bugs don’t just live in beds. They like sofas, carpet and other fibrous places, too.

I’ve even caught them in kitchens and bathrooms, though it’s rarer.


James and his team were wonderful! He responded to all of my emails and phoned me right away and had his team out to my place within a day. They were all knowledgeable and answered my questions throughly and he was the most affordable compared to other companies. They do a follow up which I really appreciate and I would recommend them to anyone in the area.

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