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*We set up two visits to your home, two weeks apart and guarantee the results for a minimum of 3 months after the second visit. Ask for more details.

100+ Laurel homes Protected From Roaches

There is never just one cockroach.

Let us help you get rid of cockroaches for good.

James doing a cockroach inspection

James looks for evidence of roach infestation. Evidence includes droppings, tracks, living and dead roaches and chewed things.

You need roach control services because:

  • You see roaches in your home.
  • You find pepper flake like droppings in the corners of the rooms, in your cupboards, on your counters, etc.
  • You are worried about getting sick from the diseases cockroaches carry.
  • Roaches are interfering with your usual routine.
  • You want to keep your food service or offices free from roaches.

Nest Pest cockroach control is the solution to be pest free.

We at Nest Pest Control, understand your concerns. We know how to effectively treat for cockroaches and get rid of all of them.

One of our clients had an apartment unit that was being infested by roaches. It all started with a small fire in an apartment below the infested one in the same complex. The smoke drove the roaches out of hiding and into the home of this poor renter. The roach problem was so bad, that this renter was seeing lots of them during the day, and at night, it was unbearable. She was worried for the health of her family and needed the problem fixed right away.

The apartment manager hired us to treat the problem. Apartments are tricky because even though one apartment may have the roach infestation, it is possible that there could be problems in multiple units.

Our exterminator technician did a complete inspection of each of the units in the complex. They looked for signs of roach activity including finding fecal residue, seeing damage to wooden cupboards and fibers, and even seeing the pests themselves. Then, we got to work.

The most effective treatment for roaches is to lay down a poisonous bait. This bait is safe around pets and children, although we do try to lay it in places where cockroaches hide, which is usually out of reach for animals and young children.

The bait is then eaten by the cockroaches. They often make it back to the nest before they die. If not, you’ll see a dead roach in the hallway or wherever. Regardless, the dead roach is then eaten by other roaches, which in turn, poisons the rest of the colony.
In a matter of a few days to a couple of weeks, all the roaches will have died. We return for reapplication a couple of weeks after the first, just to make sure all of the roaches are exterminated.

We treated all of the other surrounding units of the infested apartment. This way we know that the roaches will stay away, instead of just run a way, and possibly return later.

The apartment manager was thrilled with the results and continues to use us for annual treatments for all pests to make sure these residents are pest free and happy.

Nest Pest Control Gets Rid of Cockroaches Fast.

cockroach found near Laurel, MD

American cockroach specimen. Note the lighter “figure 8” pattern on the back of the thorax.

Appointments that are quick, easy, and effective.

We know that life gets busy, and having a roach infestation can be a big bother. We can get you back to your normal routine quickly. Our service dispatchers are friendly and are happy to answer any questions you have about any pest concerns. We will schedule an appointment that works for you. Our expert technicians know what to look for and what to use, so we are in and out without too much of a disruption to your day.

We like to schedule a followup appointment to make sure all roaches are gone from your home. We will also lay down a second batch of bait just to make sure. Our treatment will last for at least 3 months. We guarantee it.

We have been exterminating cockroaches near Laurel, MD for more than 20 years.

Nest Pest Control has been treating homes and businesses in Maryland & DC for decades. We know the pests here and how to keep them from “bugging” you.

We make sure our exterminators are trained well and kept up to date on safe and effective treatments for pests. We use products that are safe for the environment, so that you can rest easy knowing that you and your family are safe.

Pest Control Expert washington dc inspecting bushes and laying spray

James applying a general pest control maintenance solution to the exterior of a home near Laurel. It kills cockroaches, too.

Dead cockroach

The only good roach is a dead roach.

Breathe Easy With No Roaches in Sight

They’ll also be gone from behind the walls, near the plumbing, in your drains and wherever else they are hiding. We’ll also make a strong barrier to keep them away from your residence. If you opt for one of our maintenance packages, you should never see a roach in your home again.

Read what our customers are saying about Nest Pest Control:

These are some testimonials from our great customers. They know why Nest Pest Control is great at all types of pest services including cockroach control.

General Pest Control
January 9, 2023

Nest came out today to treat outside – spiders, ants, etc. They came out the same day I called. Service was great! Highly recommend!

General Pest Control
January 9, 2023

Nest Services LLC technician was on time and very professional. They solved our issue in no time and have been back for check ups. We will definitely use them again if we have anymore problems.

Rodent Control
January 9, 2023

2016 Thank you do much for the great job that you did getting rid of my infestation of roaches. I appreciated the explanation of what you were doing and why and the treatment process.

2017 Another thanks to you for another great job in getting rid of my rodent problem you always do a great job I will always contact Nest Services for their services. RC

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    James and Nest Pest Control client

    Roaches can become a big problem, fast.

    The German Cockroach is the most common roach found in Maryland houses. One of these female roaches can lay up to 50 eggs at a time. That is over 400 offspring in their lifespan. This means that even two roaches can become 50 in no time, and 50 can become thousands! So even if you only see one, it is a good idea to act fast.

    Because roaches are decomposers, they can carry harmful bacteria and diseases into your home. Call us today so that we can protect your home or business from harmful pest infestations.

    This customer did and is she grateful! No more cockroaches, ants or spiders are in her home because she chose the right company to do the best job!


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    Nest Pest Control is Laurel’s Best Choice for a Cockroach Exterminatior.

    We have been in the pest control business for over 20 years.
    We train our exterminators to be experts in cockroach and other pests, so we know how to keep them out of your home.

    Our preventive & pest control maintenance services are excellent for long-term control.

    Roaches will be gone from your home for at least 3 months , or we will re-treat until you are satisfied with the results, at no additional cost to you.

    We guarantee our work.
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      What pest are you dealing with?

      What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)

      Did you know…

      Roaches can live up to a month without food. But its not hard for roaches to find food. They can glean protein from a lot of interesting things, including from cardboard, carpet, toenails and hair!
      Cockroach extermination with Nest Pest Control
      American cockroach
      German cockroach


      Here are some answers to some questions you may have about cockroach treatments, our company, or our other pest control services.

      Why are roaches so hard to kill?
      Cockroaches are pretty impressive when it comes to defensive traits. They can find food sources in many different things, including cardboard. They can withstand high levels of heat. Roaches can even live through higher levels of radiation than humans can. However, there are some good ways to defeat these pests. Call us today to see how we can help you get rid of your roach problem.
      Where are the roaches hiding in my home?
      Cockroaches like dark and damp places that are close to food sources. These areas can be under furniture, in cupboards, dresser drawers, in pipes or even inside walls. Roaches can come into our homes in many different ways like through cracks, or old pipes, or they sometimes get into bags or boxes we carry into our homes.

      In any case, Nest Pest Control knows how to get to all of the cockroaches out of your home, so that you can breathe easy again.

      What are your hours?
      We work around the clock to make sure you get the relief you need from your pest problems. Our office hours are from 8am-6pm, but we have on-call experts to help you where and when we can. If we can’t help you right away, we will get you on the schedule for the next available appointment that works for you.
      Where are you located?
      We have multiple locations in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC and more. Give us a call to see if we serve your area. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your location. We want to make sure you are taken care of.
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        What pest are you dealing with?

        What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)