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Bedbug Exterminators

You can’t kill bedbugs easily with bug spray. You need a stronger more professional solution. Nest Pest Control kills bed bugs in Laurel by heat and suffocation. It sounds brutal, but have you ever been feasted on by bed bugs?

Termite Treatment

You only need to treat every 5-10 years when you get Nest Pest Control’s termite treatment. No tent, no fog and no termites is our promise to you when you need to control for termites.

Rodent Control

Rats and mice are rampant in Laurel. Not any worse than anywhere else, but still, they bring disease, they eat your food and can sometimes be pretty scary. We’ll take care of your rodent problem so you can rest easy.


Bee Hive Removal

Flying insects can become a nuisance and even a health threat. If they are regular honeybees, we try to remove them to a beekeeper. Wasps, hornets and killer bees are destroyed quickly, though, as they can be dangerous.


Cockroach Control

The Eastern United States has a lot of cockroaches. Laurel, MD is no exception. Whether they are large or small, crawling or flying, these critters need to be terminated and we are the ones to do it for you.


Wildlife Removal

Whether you have a problem with a raccoon, a squirrel or bird, we can get rid of the pestering animal. We will humanely capture it and release it in a better place for it to live (and way better for you, too!)


Spider Control

Got arachnophobia? We kill spiders and keep them away from your home well into the future, too. Call us today to sleep better tonight.


Mosquito Control

When the weather gets warm, mosquitoes come out to play. Out here in the wetlands between the coast of Baltimore and the swamps of DC they get really bad. We make your summer better.


Scheduled Maintenance Service

Whether you are a commercial property, a homeowner or a landlord, we can schedule regular pest maintenance services.

Why Nest Pest Control Is
The Best in Laurel

  1. We Are Open 24/7 & Respond Quickly.

    We strive to provide pest control to each of our customers on the same day whenever possible.

  2. You Can Talk To The Owner, James

    I have been providing pest control services for more than 12 years! I answer almost every call.

  3. We Are Laurel’s Pest Control Experts

    Nest Pest Control has well over a dozen years of experience controlling pest problems in the Baltimore-DC area.

Send A Message & We’ll Call You Back!

Awesome service! I saw a mouse last night, I called this morning and Nest Pest Control was here within 3 hours! Super friendly and answered all my questions. I was to terrified to open my closet and move my stuff for them! They did it for me!! Super nice and efficient HIGHLY recommend!
Brenna Romano

Laurel, MD

James and his team were wonderful! He responded to all of my emails and phoned me right away and had his team out to my place within a day. They were all knowledgeable and answered my questions throughly and he was the most affordable compared to other companies. They do a follow up which I really appreciate and I would recommend them to anyone in the area.
Chelsea Perts

Beltsville, MD

Do You Have Any Pest Control Service Questions?

What Type Of Pest Control Do You Need?
Do you have disgusting cockroaches, spiders or silverfish?

Nest Pest Control takes care to eliminate these pests and prevent them from coming back.

Do you might have a bee’s nest that needs to be removed.

We make sure to remove honeybees, when possible, and destroy other flying pests and their nests.

Do you have ants that need control, or mice that need catching?

We are mice exterminators and known for our effectiveness. We also eliminate ants and keep them from coming back (this needs to be a recurring maintenance situation.)

Mice love to find food crumbs in our homes. They love to live in the walls. We stop mice, rats and squirrels from getting in in the first place. We also catch mice and trap rats and other rodents that are already there.

How about bed bugs?

We exterminate bed bugs over the course of at least 2 treatments. We literally suffocate and cook them to destroy them.

Pest Control Is What We Do.

We Keep Pests From Spreading Diseases, Destroying Your Property & Bringing Down Its Value!

Are You Looking For Termite Control?

If termites are eating your house, you need to have our tent less termite control treatment. We will eliminates termites already there and create a barrier that prevents new termites from coming close. Even underground!

Who Will You Talk To?
I’m James, the owner of Nest Pest Control. I’m here to help you.

Everyone starts somewhere, and for me it was a dozen years or so ago when my buddy and I needed to make some money. We looked at different business options available and we decided to get into pest control. It was a great way to talk directly to our customers as well as do a service that people actually need!

All these years later and I love doing pest control! When it comes to exterminating pests at your home or business, I want you to be completely happy with my service. That means we come back to make sure the treatments were effective, repeating the treatment if not. And we aren’t done till you are satisfied.

You can always reach me, too, just pick up the phone and call (301) 329-4338 and I’ll answer! That way you can always go straight to the “top”!

Rely On Nest Pest Control. Because You Really Can.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Nest Pest Control Is Insured & Licensed (number in footer of this page)
  • We have over a dozen years’ experience exterminating pests in Maryland.
  • We specialize in getting rid of bed bugs, roaches & termites.
  • We will give you a free estimate of what it should cost to get rid of any pests you may have at your home. Termite inspections do cost, though. However, we will do a custom check to make sure we tackle all pest problems that might be facing your home.
Everyone Gets World-Class Service

There are a few things you need to look for when you are choosing pest control services in Laurel. These are some of the things that help to set me apart from the other options you have.

There is no “run of the mill” skimping on customer service here. Instead we make sure your treatments are excellent. We are a company we want you to be completely satisfied with.

Call Nest Pest Control now, before our schedule fills up.

4 More Reasons To Choose Us.
Get Experience

We’ve caught, killed, trapped, poisoned and otherwise controlled every conceivable pest in Washington DC

Get A Good Deal

Our prices are fair and our service is great! Experience the difference of Nest Pest Control.

24/7 Service

Not all pests are conveniently taken care of during standard business hours, that’s why we can serve you almost any time!

We Also Offer Mosquito Control

I hate mosquitoes. They bite and carry disease. We can protect your family by destroying these insects before they hatch, and after they are adults, too. The spray acts as a deterrent when used multiple times.

You Can Be Talking To James in Less Than A Minute!

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We can’t wait to talk about your pest control needs in Laurel!
We serve the surrounding area, including North, South and West Laurel, Burtonsville, Down to Hyattsville and all of Columbia.

If you have bugs at your place that creep, crawl, fly, bite, sting or just plain look gross, we can take care of them. Here is a short list of some of the bugs we exterminate:

Cockroaches, silverfish, flees, ants, bees, wasps, hornets, spiders, termites, beetles, earwigs and more.

We also eliminate mice and rats and control other rodents like squirrels, beavers (we do NOT destroy dams, though. We can connect you with someone who can), muskrats, raccoons, snakes and other small animals.

Yes! We capture squirrels, possums, and raccoons. We exterminate rodents who may be carrying a disease and remove all wildlife to a better location where they can thrive in the wild.

It depends on your situation and if you need us to perform emergency service. We are open 24/7, but we do charge more for coming out after normal business hours (8AM-6PM). However, we will always give you a quote before we start any work and except for specific inspections, quotes don’t cost, so call us today!

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